Bob Loughlin ’53

Bob Loughlin ’53

Brothers in DKE:  The Rho Chapter House

I have recently visited the Lafayette campus for my sixtieth reunion. This was a wonderful experience. The College has done an extraordinary job of creating and maintaining a beautiful facility. The new quad, absent the roads, provides a new focus for campus life. The result is something of which we can all be very proud. My trip to the Deke house was a shock. This relic of the past reveals fifty hard years of use and abuse. Located in a corner of the campus the shabby, out of date condition is not obvious. 

Why? – Was the question when first learning of the renovation concept? Perhaps a coat of paint was needed, but “renovation”?  My recent visit opened my eyes to the embarrassment represented by the current house, so inconsistent with the standard of the campus. I commend brothers De Lisi, McCurdy and others for initiating this program.  The specifics of this were illustrated in the project drawings and explained by the brothers. The costs are substantial and the College is, as I understand, prepared to fund more than 50% of the costs, and the Brotherhood the balance.

We cannot know the evolving future of campus life, and the role of fraternities.  We can have a role in causing our DKE house to be a place of which we can always be proud. When considering your part in this project remember “Friends from the heart forever.” We Dekes have a proud history at Lafayette since 1855. Let us keep this going.

In the bond,