Lafayette’s Investment

The baseline scope of the renovation calls for a significant investment into the DKE House by Lafayette College, which includes a complete gut renovation to reconfigure rooms on the second and third floor. This investment covers all of the essentials such as life safety upgrades, building accessibility, and modernization expected by Lafayette College students today. This investment also aligns with the various financial models the College uses for housing such as the cost per bed.

Alumni leadership have worked closely with administrators in Campus Life and Finance & Administration up to the VP level to ensure the renovation brings the building up to standards expected of Lafayette College students for the foreseeable future.

Since 2009, the College has allocated the DKE House a higher summer maintenance budget because it is an older building that needs additional maintenance. While this addressed the short term, immediate needs of students living in DKE, we always understood that a more substantial renovation is required.

That time is now!

The DKE House has been progressing through the College’s normal process for buildings & grounds renovation. College officials have both sought our input and provided us updates at each step along the way. Thanks in large part to our willingness to fund portions of the renovation, the DKE House has been given higher priority on the renovation list.

Finally, the College is funding the entire cost of the renovation with the understanding that DKE fundraising pledges will come in over time. Again, this aligns with the various financial models and how the College does business on a routine basis.